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Marco Torsello

email: marco.torsello@arblit.com
phone: +39 02 8425 4810

  • LL.M. in European Business Law (Pallas Consortium, University of Nijmegen, NL, 1998)
  • Degree in Law (University of Bologna, 1994)
  • Bologna Bar
  • Italian Supreme Court
  • Italian; English; French


Marco is of counsel at ArbLit since September 2014 in his capacity as practicing lawyer based in Milan and Bologna and he is in charge of litigation before Italian courts for national and international clients.

He is also Professor at the School of Law of the University of Verona, where he teaches Comparative Private Law and European Private Law, and Hauser Global Professor of Law at NYU School of Law (Law-Abroad program in Paris, Spring 2015; in residence in New York, Fall 2015). At Verona Law School Marco is a member of the scientific committee of the PhD program in European and International Legal Studies, and the Director of the post-graduate courses in International Commercial Contracts and in Transnational and Comparative Food Law. He currently teaches also Transnational Commercial Law at the School of Law of Università Cattolica in Milan.

Marco is the author or co-author of several books and papers on a variety of issues dealing with international contracts, international business transactions, comparative law, corporate law and others. He is a frequent speaker at academic and practitioners' conferences, symposia, workshops and courses, in Italy and abroad.

He has held the following teaching and research appointments abroad: Hauser Global Visiting Professor of Law, NYU School of Law (Law-Abroad program in Paris, Spring 2014 and Spring 2015; in residence, Fall 2011 and Fall 2015); Visiting Professor of Law, Fordham Law School, New York (Fall 2012); Visiting Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law (Fall 2010); 2004/2005 BNL Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, New York (Fall 2004); Professeur invité, Université Paris Ouest – Nanterre, La Défense (1-month appointments from 2006 to 2013); Visiting Professor of Law, Loyola Law School Los Angeles (LL.M. Program in Bologna, Spring 2007, 2009 and 2010); January Term Visiting Professor of Law, University of Western Ontario, Canada (January 2007), Visiting Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago (Teaching Abroad program in Strasbourg, June-July 2006); Visiting Scholar, Columbia Law School, New York (Fall 2003); Visiting Scholar, Max-Planck-Institute für Ausländisches und Internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg (Fall 2005). He has also held teaching positions at the following Italian Universities: University of Bologna, School of Law (tenured, 2002-2011); University Politecnico, Milan (2010-2014), University of Trento, School of Law (2005, 2007, 2009), University of Padova, School of Political Sciences (2000-2010), and others.

Marco was also the delegate for the Italian Government at the XXIII Session of the UNCITRAL Working Group on International Contract Practices (2000), working on the draft UN Convention on Assignment of Receivables in International Trade.

Since his start in 1994 Marco's professional activity focuses on national and international litigation and consultancy on contractual and other business-related issues. He began his professional career at Studio Legale Jacchia in Bologna (1994-1998) and then joined Studio Legale Galgano, operating in Bologna and Milan (1998-2006). In 2006 he founded the private practice boutique firm Studio Legale Vanz-Torsello, based in Bologna.

In his two decades of practice, which greatly benefitted from his scholarly work, Marco has advised and represented top Italian and foreign clients in a broad variety of matters and has developed specific skills and knowledge in transnational litigation and cross-border business matters. He also often appears as counsel and sits as presiding, sole and party appointed arbitrator in ad hoc and institutional domestic and international arbitrations under a variety of rules and governing laws and works extensively in court proceeding assisting arbitration.


  • IBA - International Bar Association, International Sales Committee
  • ELI - European Law Institute
  • ICC Italia - Italian Branch of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • SIRD - Società Italiana per la Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato




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Vienna, July 23, 2014: Italian national Reporter at the XIX Conference of the International Academy of Comparative Law on the subject: “The effects of financial crises on the binding force of contracts: Renegotiation. Rescission or revision?

Verona, November 5, 2013: Speaker at the joint conference of the Universities of Verona and Bayreuth, Seminar zur Vorbereitung eines gemeinsamen Doktorats, “New Tasks in European and National Food Law


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